Wednesday, April 2, 2014

postheadericon Kathleen's Zentangle Art

Today's blog is about a classmate of mine who has embarked on a new adventure.  I've know Kathleen since kindergarten and we were fortunate enough to hook up on Facebook and reacquaint ourselves.
Her artwork using the Zentangle method is truly stunning.  I encourage anyone who has a yen to see the creativity of her original art to visit her website regulary.  Everytime I visit, I find another piece I simply must have.  A sample of one of her many pieces is shown here.  She sells her art in note cards and portraits in any size and she welcomes your input if you need a custom work.  Click her link and view her amazing talent.  A true artist with a passion for creating beauty in all that she sees.

A Prayer


Kathleen Stemler said...

Hi Julie,

I am completely amazed that you did this. I was doing a search on my site because I have been working so hard to get it out there, and this was the first like that came up. I can't tell you how fantastic this made me feel. And, you did this for me on your Comforting Quilters website. You just made my weekend. Respectfully, Kathleen

Julie said...

That's that's amazing! Who would have thought? I also posted you at both my Google Plus accounts. Get your ink refilled! Your work is truly inspiring.

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