Saturday, April 26, 2014

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CQ has to be the luckiest quilt group around!  We have our own pertsinsl card designer!  Rita has been with our group for a couple of years now sling with get hubby, Scott, who joins us each month to quilt!  Not very often you get a catch like that, and we love them both to pieces!  Rita created all of the cards that accompanied our Sandy Hook quilts.  She designed the sweet angel that was used on our blocks and since that time, we've kept her well employed!    I'll be creating a folder of all of her lovely cards she has created for us, do xheck back often as it will be a job getting them all collected! 

The three cards below recently accompanied two quilts ygat want out this weekend.  What a thrill to have her!  Thank you Rita!


Rita said...

Thank you Julie your to sweet. I love making cards that give others enjoyment.

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