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"You have never really lived until you've done something for somebody who can never repay you"

Donate a Valentine of $14

Valentine's Day is approaching, and I find myself thinking of Newtown, CT families embracing another holiday without their Valentine's.  This year, those Valentine's will be a sweet memory in their hearts of a love only a parent will experience.

Do you make a special Valentine for your loved one?  What about the symbolic red rose or box of chocolates?  I just love getting the chocolate!

This year, Comforting Quilters is asking you to remember the Valentine's in Newtown, CT.  Donate $14 to the Sandy Hook Quilt Project and help the victim's families of Sandy Hook Elementary have a memory quilt that will last a lifetime.

Your tax deductible donation will help fund the memory book being created that will document the creation of these quilts for each family member.  Thanks to our own, Bonnie Gehling, for the efforts she is putting into making this book through her love of photography.  

Donate through PayPal on our Blog, or send your Tax Deductible check to:

Comforting Quilters
200 E Heritage Blvd
Byron, GA 31008

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Byron quilters hope to comfort Newtown victims’ families

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BYRON -- The Comforting Quilters have a daunting task ahead of them, but it’s one they know they’re up to and that their hearts are fully in.
On Saturday, the group began hand-making memorial quilts for the families of each of the 20 children and six adults whose lives were taken in the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
Each of the quilts is being made of various green and white materials, the school’s colors.
In addition to making the quilts, the group is going a step further and personalizing each one by embroidering squares in the quilt’s four corners. One corner will say in memory of the one who died; another corner will carry a green angel emblem that has come to represent Sandy Hook Elementary; another will contain something representing each victim’s interests or hobbies; and the final will carry the mark of Byron’s Comforting Quilters.
“I know that (6-year-old) Emilie Parker was all about pink,” said Julie Love, who leads and helped found the Comforting Quilters group in 2010. “That will be part of her personalization for the quilt. Emilie was one of the young people who died, and she and I are from the same hometown -- Ogden, Utah. The connection I felt with her sort of began the idea for this, but we knew we had to make quilts for everyone.”
Love said the group found information online to use to personalize each quilt. She said she believes each one they make will convey the same sense of love, comfort and care she’s seen in others who have received the group’s handiwork.
“In 2010, we started making quilts for people in need,” Love said. “At first, it was for people in hospice care, but then we started making them for other people we knew or heard about. Maybe it was someone who was ill or was recovering from surgery. Some have been for those who have lost a loved one or who have had a baby. Others have been for cancer patients.
“We’ve had people tell us they carry them with them to the doctor’s or to their chemotherapy. Those rooms can be cold, and the blankets are warm, and they’re also meaningful. It’s kind of like carrying a hug with you. Prior to this, we’ve made and given away about 25 or 30 quilts.”
Love said in making the quilts, there’s always a sense of connection with the person it’s going to. She’s sure the same will be true as the Sandy Hook project progresses.
Carla Chidester, whom Love described as her cohort in quilting, said Comforting Quilters always makes lap quilts to give away. She said they are about 36-inches square. Although the Sandy Hook quilts will each have various green and white patterned squares, she said they will all have the same hunter green backing and sashing.
Love said the group will have to cut about 12,000 square pieces to make the quilts. She estimated it takes about 12 man-hours for each quilt. The group will work two Saturdays a month. Love said she hopes all the quilts will be done by the end of March, so the embroidery can begin. She hopes they will be complete by about the end of May.
“We usually have 10 or 11 quilting with us, but we put out a call for help, and we’ve got 17 working with us now,” Love said. “In addition to that, there are other people who are helping. People have donated money to the project, and people have given cloth. It’s become quite a big effort.”
Love said they’re taking pictures as the quilts are made and hope to create a book to go along with them. That will add expense. Then they’ll have to get the blankets to Newtown. Persons interested in the project can visit the Comforting Quilters’ blog at or contact them at
Contact Michael W. Pannell at

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Monday, January 21, 2013

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A New Sandy Hook Quilt Project Page has been created.  Be sure to follow or join us and keep updated on the progress of this amazing journey!

Donations Pour in for Local Sandy Hook Quilt Project

Written by Jasmine Williams on . Posted in Local
BYRON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Julie Love with Comforting Quilters describes the support for her project as "overwhelming".
Earlier this month, 41 NBC brought you the story of Julie Love's project. The founder of Comforting Quilters, along with the help of other sewers, is setting out to make 27 green and white quilts for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting.
Over the weekend, more than a dozen volunteers met at Love's home to start on the project. Joe's Deli in Byron provided the sewers with lunch and the Byron Police Department stopped by for support. Love said, the donations are pouring in from all over.
"We've received cash donations, I think we've raised $500 to $600," Love said, "I even got a check from someone in Virginia."
Byron Police Officer Blake Burnham stopped by to offer his help. Burnham admits he's not a sewer but wanted to support the local community and the first responders in Newtown.
"It feels good when you see people that aren't directly related to what actually happened up there, trying to reach out and do what they can."
Love said it's not too late to help out with the project. If you're interested in being a part of the process, you can e-mail her at The next sewing day will be Saturday, February 2.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

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It's happening!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Local Quilters Making "Comfort" Blankets for Families of Newtown Victims

Written by Ashley Minelli on . Posted in Local
BYRON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) -- A home-town connection inspired a Byron woman to make 27 quilts of green and white to send to the families of the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Julie Love has cut thousands of squares, for dozens of quilts, and has sent them to people all over the country who need a good snuggle.
"A cup of hot chocolate, a nice warm quilt, and a good book, curled up next to the fire, it's just a warm comforting feeling," says Julie.
Julie is the founder of Comforting Quilters. The group makes personalized quilts for people who are terminally ill, cancer patients, and grieving families. Now, Julie has 27 quilts on her to do list all inspired by one little girl.
"I talked to a friend and I said you know, I want to make Emilie Parker a quilt, and I said you know, I think I want to make them all a quilt."
After the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, Julie found out that one of the 6-year-old victims, Emilie Parker, was from her hometown of Ogden, Utah.
Even though she doesn't know them personally, Julie is hoping a memory quilt might give the Parkers, and the other grieving families something to hold on to.
"We're hoping that they'll realize the warmth and the love that we're sending their way," says Julie.
Donations of fabric and supplies have poured in, and a photographer plans to document the entire project.
"Hopefully we'll be able to raise enough funds to give a book to each of the families on how the quilts were made," says Julie.
The blankets will be green and white with an embroidered angel. Other than those details, Julie says, each one will be unique.
"It's just a very precious thing to have to remember your children by, or your wife, or your mother."
A reminder that there's people everywhere hoping the families who lost so much on a cold day in December will one day have warmth back in their lives.
Love wants your help with the project. If you're interested in being a part of the process, you can e-mail her at They plan to start making the quilts on Saturday, January 19th.

Monday, January 7, 2013

postheadericon Byron Woman To Make Quilts For Newtown | News | Peach-Crawford News

Byron Woman To Make Quilts For Newtown | News | Peach-Crawford News

Saturday, January 5, 2013

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2012 has come and gone. Where did the year go? Many thanks to all who supported our group this past year. Without your assistance, there would be a few people in need of a snuggle.

The 2012 quilt collection is posted for those who would like to view them.

On to 2013, a new design and a new year filled with soft, snugly comfort.

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