Sunday, May 23, 2010

postheadericon Quilt Raffle!

Comforting Quilter's continues our Quilt Raffle through the months of May and June, so don't feel like you've missed out if you haven't purchased your ticket yet. We will be out and about selling tickets around the area, particularly at the Byron Market on Saturday's at the City Park.

Look for our booth as we will be there with the quilt and other fun things to help you enjoy your morning at the market!

June 5th is a Special Day in Byron, and we'll be in the park selling food, penney candy and raffle tickets.

Tickets prices are

$ 1.00 Each
$ 5.00 for Six (6) Tickets
$10.00 for Twelve (12) Tickets

Feel free to contact any CQ Volunteer to purchase your tickets, but you can always give the President, Julie Love, a jingle. Call her at 478-978-0842.

Many thanks for all the Support the Byron Residents have provided to our new organization. These funds will help purchase needed items such as batting, thread, needles, cutting blades and other essential items to help provide a bit of comfort to those in need.

Remember our slogan:

Sewing Love with Each Stitch!


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Comforting Quilters is a Non-Profit Organization that was organized to create and provide quilts to anyone need a bit of comfort. These quilts are created and delivered to Hospice patients, seriously ill patients, those who have suffered a loss or anyone who comes to our attention.

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